Retirement Plan Consulting

Our firm offers a comprehensive, consultative approach to retirement plan consulting that addresses the five key areas of an effective employer-sponsored retirement plan:

  • Fiduciary Guidance - Roles, Responsibilities & Best Practices
  • Provider Analysis - Service Provider Selection, Benchmarking & RFP Services
  • Investment Analysis - Investment Policy Statement Review & Design, Monitoring, Investment Selection, Reporting & Ongoing Due Diligence
  • Plan Design & Processes - Maximize Effectiveness, Utilization & Administrative Efficiency of Plan Design
  • Employee Experience - Education, Communication, Coaching and Support Tools & Resources, helping people make better financial decisions

Each of our service offerings are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and are customized accordingly. Our belief in this holistic consulting approach is the hallmark of our business and a differentiator in the marketplace.

Fiduciary Guidance

  • Fiduciary Training & Monitoring
  • Service Provider Selection & Monitoring
  • Investment Selection & Monitoring
  • Plan Document & Design Review
  • Faculty/Staff Education Strategy
  • Online Fiduciary Briefcase
  • Fidelity Bond Review
  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance Review
  • Committee Minutes
  • Comprehensive Plan Review
  • Review of Fee Disclosure Notices
  • Plan Sponsor Newsletter
  • Corporate Trustee Review
  • Access to ERISA Counsel
  • Annual Report

Provider Analysis

  • Fee & Service Benchmarks
  • Fee & Service Negotiations
  • Vendor RFI & RFP Process
  • Relationship Monitoring
  • Oversight and Management
  • Revenue Sharing Monitoring

Investment Analysis

  • 3(38) Investment Fiduciary
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment Menu Design
  • QDIA Selection & Monitoring
  • Quarterly Investment Reporting

Plan Design & Processes

  • Plan Document Review &
  • Recommendations
  • Plan Design Review & Recommendations
  • Plan Demographic Monitoring
  • Profit Sharing / Match Design Recommendations

We also know that a retirement plan is only beneficial if the faculty and staff take advantage of the benefit. We focus our BreakRoom experience around educating faculty and staff about the benefits of participating along with coaching them toward identifying and implementing appropriate financial behaviors.

Our comprehensive, behavior-based BreakRoom offering includes our Faculty & Staff Experience

  • Education Strategy Development
  • Enrollment Support
  • Group Meeting Design & Execution
  • One-On-One Financial Counseling
  • Educational Webinars
  • Financial Wellness
  • Gap Analysis Reports
  • Participant Help Desk
  • Consolidation Concierge
  • Faculty/staff Communications