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Is Your Company’s 401(k) Plan as Good

Is Your Company’s 401(k) Plan as Good as It Could Be?Two recent court rulings may make you want to double-check. Provided by Steve Romano How often do retirement plan sponsors check up on 401(k)s? Not as often as they should, perhaps. Employers should be especially vigilant these days. Every plan sponsor should know about two recent court rulings. One came from the Supreme Court in 2015; another, from the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in 2017. Bo
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Why the U.S. Might Be Less Affected by a Trade War

Why the U.S. Might Be Less Affected by a Trade WarThe nature of our economy could help it withstand the disruption. Provided by Steve Romano A trade war does seem to be getting underway. Investors around the world see headwinds arising from newly enacted and planned tariffs, headwinds that could potentially exert a drag on global growth (and stock markets). How badly could these trade disputes hurt the American economy? Perhaps not as dramatically as some journalists and analysts warn.
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The Turkish Currency Crisis

The Turkish Currency CrisisA look at why it matters so much to the world, and the risk of a domino effect. Provided by Steve Romano The collapse of the Turkish lira has become a major financial story. You may wonder why the financial media is devoting so much space to this, as Turkey is not exactly China or Japan or Germany. The fear is that Turkey’s problem hints at a greater crisis.1,2  Globally speaking, Turkey is not all that minor. Its economy is the world’s
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Financial Fraudsters Preying on Boomers & Elders

Financial Fraudsters Preying on Boomers & Elders If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Provided by Steve Romano  If you are in or near retirement, it is a safe bet that you would like more yield from your investments rather than less. That truth sometimes leads liars, scammers, and fraudsters to pitch any number of too-good-to-be-true “investment opportunities” to retirees. Given all that and the classic money scams perpetrated on elders, yo
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